is a philantropic entity representing donations made directly by Irina and Stéphane Lavallée on the one hand and the ISTELAR “fonds de dotation” on the other hand.

# Istelar Mission 1:

Irina and Stéphane Lavallée, directly or through the Istelar Fonds de dotation, encourage fundamental research and innovation in the field of surgery and medical interventions,

We specifically encourage research in the field of minimally invasive surgery and robotics, as well as complex and rare surgery.

# Istelar Mission 2:

Irina and Stéphane Lavallée, directly or through the Istelar Fonds de dotation, encourage the contemporary creation of different art styles & mediums.

The Lavallée family supports artists who evoke perceptions of familiar things in new ways, who interpret the world in new forms.

"Coup de Coeur" - Olena Tsilujko.

# Istelar Mission 3:

The Lavallée family
and Istelar are proud to support
a range of non-profit organizations

that pursue philanthropic activities, and in particular the following associations:

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The Industry has done a lot in the field of computer-assisted surgery over the past 30 years, but many patients still experience invasive treatments or post-operative complications.

However, science and technology can provide novel techniques for the treatment of many surgical indications.

Humans have invented amazing technologies to travel to space, play with augmented reality, develop autonomous cars, transfer huge quantities of data through networks, but we still have issues with very basic surgery, using old tools, that depend mainly on surgeon expertise and good shape. This is not acceptable.

Stephane Lavallée has been a pioneer of computer and robot assisted surgery since 1986.

Stephane has spent his life and career innovating and solving clinical issues using advanced robotic technology.

“I will always remember the days when I was a young engineer developing a robotic system for Deep Brain Stimulation in the field of neurosurgery with Professor AL Benabid and Prof P Cinquin. In 1989, we used our robotic system for the first time on patients. We were not aware that we were creating an entirely new discipline.”

Says Stephane Lavallée.

Since then, many innovations and worldwide premieres have been created by Stephane Lavallée's team of engineers, mainly in the fields of orthopaedic and spine surgery.

“I have benefitted from great support from people and institutions througout my career and I am very grateful.

My wife Irina and I now wish to give back and encourage more people to innovate in the field. « We are very proud of this initiative.” said Stephane Lavallée.

Olena Tsilujko

In my work, I outline the vivid moments of everyday life that I want to remember or even to return again.

Everyday life has a far greater impact on one’s personality than we think. I focus my attention on those details that make the usual object unique. Uniqueness can be either beautiful or funny or ugly. I believe that reality does not need to be decorated, I appreciate its exclusiveness.

Born in 1973 in Lviv
I create dolls and paintings.


Lviv National Academy of Arts (1999-2005)

Solo Exhibitions

2016 – « We come from childhood » gallery « Green Sofa » Lviv, Ukraine

2011 – « Crimea, August, heat » Art Salon « Art ramarnya », Lviv, Ukraine

2008 – personal exhibition « A lot of sun » Palace of Arts, Lviv

Group exhibitions

2016 -2020, 2009-2014 – the traditional Christmas Exhibition Gallery in « Green Sofa » Lviv

2016 – 2019, 2013, 2012 – Doll and Taddy Bear Salon « Fashion Doll » Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 – « Tales of Andersen: dolls and watercolor » Art-salon « Veles » Lviv, Ukraine

2017 – « Doll Constellations » (project of Lviv Club of Puppets) -« Shtuka » Coffee House-Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2016 – Charity Exhibition – Auction « Rare day calendar – rare dolls » Kharkiv, Ukraine

2016 – « Ukrainian monkey doll » Restaurant improvisation « Grushevskii » Lviv, Ukraine

2016 – Project « Marzipan History » Lviv marzipan workshop, Ukraine

2016, 2015 – Exhibition of art dolls « Inspiration », Dnipropetrovsk National Historic Museum Dnipro, Ukraine

2015 – Charitable social art project « People for Animals » Artefact Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2014 – « Seven simple stories about tenderness » Cafe-gallery « Stucka » Lviv, Ukraine

2014 – International Art doll festival « Lyalkar’t » Arefact Gallery Lviv, Ukraine

2012 – Group exhibition « Euro

2012″ Gallery « Green Sofa », Lviv

2012 – « Kyiv TeddyLand 2: Dolls Season », Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2011 – ISLAND OF UNWANTED THINGS International Miniature Graphic Art Exhibition Timisoara – Romania – 2011 (January)

2011 – « The Grotesque in Contemporary Art » Museum of Ethnography & Art Crafts, Lviv

2011 – Bienal Internacional de Gravura – Santos 2011, Santos, São Paulo, Brasil

2011 – II International Exhibition of dolls « Kyiv Tale » Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2010 – « Four Views » Gallery « Primus » Lviv

2010 – 6by4 Secret Postcard Exhibition, Art Space Portsmouth

2009-2013 – Lviv Festival « The Dolls World » 2006-2010, 2002 – Lviv autumn salon « High Castle »

2002 – « Forum of Young Artists » Palace of Arts, Lviv

2000, 2001 – the exhibitions of artistic association « Ktitor » Lviv, Kyiv